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Our Commercial Director, Nancy Butler, shares her thoughts on women in Banking.

- 8 MAR 2021

International Womens Day

I recently read a Women In Banking survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management which said that 70% of women surveyed believed the existing greater proportion of men in senior roles was halting female career progression – something they attributed to men hiring in their own image. While attitudes are far improved from when I entered into banking thirty years ago, many organisations do continue to have a predominantly male management culture.

As a female co-founder, on International Women’s Day, I encourage those in banking to #ChoosetoChallenge the industry stereotype and their own preconceptions of the right candidate for a senior position. Do not automatically opt for someone in your own image, but also consider those who are different – they are not less capable, they may be more so. Diversity of thought and approach has been proven to drive greater profitability for corporations and we are starting to see a shift.

This month, the industry welcomes Jane Fraser into the role of CEO at Citigroup, making her the first woman to lead a large Wall Street Bank. Senior management teams will risk missing out on the competitive edge if they continue to hire homogenously. #ChoosetoChallenge and you can reap the rewards.